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Main » 2010 » December » 14 » VIOLENCE IN THE NFL CAN IT BE STOPPED
7:17 AM
Violence in the NFL has become a big topic this past weekend with the big hits delivered by Atlanta's Dunta Robinson on Philadephia's DeSean Jackson. Pittsburgh's James Harrisons hits on Josh Cribbs and Mohamed Massaquoi. New England's Brandon Meriweather's hit on Baltimore's Todd Heap.nnEverybody who watches football loves the big hits. The only people who don't love the big hit is the person getting hit and their families. I was watching the Falcon Eagle game when Dunta Robinson unloaded on DeSean Jackson and knocked him out as well as himself. I could hear the hit from the field mics as well as the immediate loud gasps from the crowd how violent it was. It was the most violent hit I've seen and heard in a long time. I was relieved and glad both players got up and glad they only had "concussions". I can only imagine the fear Jackson's family must have been feeling. The irony is it was a clean hit. I don't know what else he was supposed to do. Robinson was in his part of a zone defense when he saw Jackson and the ball coming into his area at about the same time, when he saw he couldn't get the ball he went after Jackson. There was no way he could have stopped. Robinson got fined. I don't understand why. nnI also thought the James Harrison's hits were legal also. Cribbs was running with ball up the middle and Harrison squared his shoulders and unfortunately used his head which hit the side of Cribbs' helmet. A clean hit. The Harrison hit Massaquoi was a thrown a pass on a crossing pattern, Harrison was in his zone in part of a zone defense, when Harrison realized that he couldn't get the ball he went after Massaquoi. It was a clean hit. Harrison got fined. Again I don't understand that either.nnThe only hit I saw that was dirty was the Meriweather hit on Todd Heap. The pass was high and overthrown, Heap was in the air, defenseless and vunerable. Meriweather launched himself and speared him with his helmet. I saw a Heap's mouthpiece fly out. I hope it was his mouthpiece and not something else. That hit could have easily been avoided. Meriweather got fined as well he should have. Now that the NFL is cracking down on that kind of hit. The next time that kind of hit occurs will result in automatic suspension and fine.nnThe NFL promotes the big hits by constantly showing the hits over and over on the highlights. Now they want to suspend players for now "excessive violence". The referee's have tough enough jobs enforcing the rules of the game. Now they have to use judgement to determine if a hit was excessive or not. That is going to be impossible. There are excessive hits all game long, just nobody knows about it because the player gets up. The most violent collisions are kickoffs when players are running full speed into the returner who is also running full speed. Those are excessive hits on every return. I'm surprised more guys aren't laid out. Nobody makes a big deal out of those because most of those guys aren't stars or big name players. Case in point a Detroit Lion special team player got carted off during Sunday's game against the Giants. No one including me knows his name.nnFrom the defensive players point of view they have so many things going on in their minds playing, now they have to worry about hitting the other guy too hard so they won't get suspended which hurts their teams and costs them money. Football is such a fast and instinctive game. If a linebacker or defensive back thinks, the offensive player is in the end zone. It can happen that fast. This weekend some guys will play the same way they've been playing since Pop Warner, which is the correct way to play. Some guys will think to too much. This weekend because of the new rule I look for a lot more big plays and hopefully no injuries from defensive players. nnThe reality is can the violence be controlled? The answer is yes a little. Can it be stopped? The answer is a big fat no.
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