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Main » Careers
Salary information is one of the deepest secrets of the labor market. However, today many large organizations, management consultancies and websites are conducting salary surveys and coming out with reports on compensation and benefits that helps both employers and employees take a right decision.  Such surveys can be online as well as offline (paper pencil ones) and are generally done for the purpose of comparability.

The most valuable information that employees get out of such surveys is whether they are getting their actual worth or not. You can compare your salary with those of others occupying similar positions and equally qualified as you are. Thus, you will get a clear picture about whether you are underpaid or rightly paid by your employer. If you are planning to switch to a different sector you can check out what others are being paid at your level in that ... Read more »
Category: Careers | Views: 420 | Added by: MrBlue | Date: 01.14.2011 | Comments (0)

Since a long time, women have been trying to prove their worth – whether it is in the field of politics, sports, agriculture, aviation, navy, military or even management. They have also sought support from the government on key issues like sexual harassment and working in the night shifts. It is not the case that they are incapable or under-qualified for specific positions. However, they have not been able to get the right support from them to carve good career.

Working women account for 17% of all the Indian women, 31% of the Indian workforce and 31% of the IT workforce. It is very important to understand what keeps them from taking up work in private companies.

Over the years, the participation of women in the management world has also increased especially in India. India has the world’s ... Read more »
Category: Careers | Views: 456 | Added by: MrBlue | Date: 01.14.2011 | Comments (0)

Women have often been quite active while giving suggestions and advices regarding work-life to others. But if they would introspect themselves and make use of their strengths and weaknesses, they would be on an altogether different level in their career. It is only when one knows oneself completely, that she can choose the job that would fit her characteristics. Women need to be analytical while picking up a job. Once she is aware of her merits, she will be able to convince herself of performing better at work.

The task of knowing oneself is not a difficult one but is essential for one’s growth. The peers, sub-ordinates, colleagues can help one in listing down the merits and demerits. After knowing them, one can start working on improving the negative points. While doing so it also becomes important for you to highlight and focus on the merits. You might need one, two, t ... Read more »
Category: Careers | Views: 395 | Added by: MrBlue | Date: 01.14.2011 | Comments (0)

Today women with their smartness, grace and elegance have conquered the whole world. They with their hard work and sincerity have excelled in each and every profession. Archita Nair got a promotion to Managing Director in a Delhi based MNC. It’s only due to her hard working & sincerity towards her work.

The secrets to her success and her advice to young girls who just starting out on their careers.

What makes you a successful career woman?

Success is just not defined by promotions or by achieving targets. Success is also about being passionate about the work you do and being committed to it.

How are working women in India? ... Read more »
Category: Careers | Views: 430 | Added by: MrBlue | Date: 01.14.2011 | Comments (0)

In every aspects of our life we come across certain articles or any other written documents which we cannot understand. Translation services USA solve the problem by translating the language to more convenient form. Translation is the transference of meaning from text to text (written or recorded). There are many types of translation services like document translation, legal translation, website translation, proofreading, audio and video translation, multilingual research, interpreting. Legal translation deal with marriage, birth etc. Medical and Pharmaceutical translation is a highly specialized discipline and should only ever be carried out by suitably qualified translators. Proofreading is a necessary for effective written communication. Proofreading is especially important in reviewing translated documents, where many errors can easily arise. Any agency, or even individual translator, can post their service on the internet, where files and even pay ... Read more »
Category: Careers | Views: 434 | Added by: MrBlue | Date: 01.14.2011 | Comments (0)

Financial resources are something we all have in common. All of us wants to be able to do far more with our money. We should take full advantage of it, make wise selections and also to figure out how to earn more money. As a result of that, there are a lot of questions to resolve, many financial products and opportunities to explain, and also an abundance of baffled individuals. This provides an opportunity for you if you like to write: Become a fiscal author. Here is just how:

#1 Figure out how you would like to create your living. There are a number of prospects for financial writers. You could end up a self-employed financial writer, being employed by magazines, newspapers and writing for online customers. At this time there is definitely a market for experienced economic copy writers.

Category: Careers | Views: 400 | Added by: MrBlue | Date: 01.13.2011 | Comments (0)

Ok so you're needing a Corporate Entertainer to dazzle and impress your guests, the question is... WHO do you hire? Let's make it clear from the start! If you hire the RIGHT corporate entertainer for your event everyone is going to say you're a genius.  However if you hire the WRONG entertainer, the event is going to be a total flop! So the decision to HIRE the right entertainer for your corporate event no matter what it is, is truly an important decision.

The bottom line is this...

EVERYONE, and I mean everyone enjoys a good laugh and humans all over the world have always marveled at the site of Magic. So there's no doubt that one of your best options when it comes to a Corporate entertainer, is to hire a "Comedy Magician" the reason is simple. Comedy Magicians will have you in stitc ... Read more »
Category: Careers | Views: 393 | Added by: MrBlue | Date: 01.13.2011 | Comments (0)

More and more people are interested in becoming a driving instructor. Being your own boss, working the hours you choose, and a secure life long career are just some of the attractions that draw people into the job. With more people learning to drive every year, the market is thriving, and more instructors are needed to satisfy the demand for driving lessons.

Before you become a driving instructor, you will need to gain the relevant qualifications. The training course for driving instructors has been specifically created to enable you to pass exams set by the government. You will need both theory based and practical learning. To attain full qualifications, you will need to get through a rigorous examination process, which includes:

Driving Abili ... Read more »
Category: Careers | Views: 435 | Added by: MrBlue | Date: 01.13.2011 | Comments (0)

Latitude prime is known as language translators globally for our best quality of work. We take care of a wide spectrum of users: small and medium enterprises, major corporate clients, the public sector, global advertising agencies, publishers and software developers. Latitude prime is globally recognized Language translation services provider. We specialize in translation services of a diverse range of media. We take care of a wide spectrum of users: small and medium enterprises, major corporate clients, the public sector, global advertising agencies, publishers and software developers. We are a full service translation company committed to an exceptional standard for all of your professional translation requirements. We take care of a wide spectrum of users: small and medium enterprises, major corporate clients, the public sector, global advertising agencies, publishers and software developers. We are a full service translation company committed to an ... Read more »
Category: Careers | Views: 401 | Added by: MrBlue | Date: 01.13.2011 | Comments (0)

Language has the ability to describe emotions, create new friendship or even manufacture enemies. Our professional Translation services are equipped to handle different types of documents. Latitude primes welcomes you to their world of Translation services. We believe in exceptional Language translation services and would make sure that you are served according to your professional needs. Besides language translation services we also provide you with special language transcription .we offer you the most skilled Language translators efficient in their native language .

We verify that a good translator is on your side who would continuously try to make their translation achieve your purpose. We have talented and efficient Language translators that have strength in their respective field. Our service also encourages industry oriented programs with our language transcription ... Read more »
Category: Careers | Views: 483 | Added by: MrBlue | Date: 01.13.2011 | Comments (0)

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