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Main » 2011 » January » 14 » Vaginal Itching Fishy Smell
6:34 AM
Vaginal Itching Fishy Smell
Chances are if you have vaginal itching fishy smell, you have contracted Bacterial Vaginosis; a fairly common female health malady. I want to tell you right now that this article is an advertisement for my website which contains much more information on bacterial vaginosis. If you look at the bottom of this article you should see a few links in text that point to the website I am trying to promote with this article. 

The fishy smell is caused by a group of bacteria that overgrow in the vagina, the primary bacterial culprits include: Gardnerella vaginalis, Mobiluncus, Bacteroides, and Mycoplasma. If these organisms are not kept in check then eventually they will breed to the point where they can start causing the familiar symptoms of bacterial vaginosis; i.e. vaginal itching, fishy smell, pain or burning during urination, pain during intercourse, and minor vaginal bleeding. 

Thankfully, this disease is totally curable--even recurrent bacterial vaginosis. It may seem surprising, especially to any women who has suffered from bouts of recurrent bacterial vaginosis. The answer to this illness comes from Kristina Tomlin, a women who suffered from recurrent bacterial vaginosis. Tomlin tried several prescription medications and over the counter creams; each one only relived bacterial vaginosis for a moment. After exhausting her options in conventional medicine Tomlin tried natural doctors but found only temporary relife. 

After determining to find the answer Tomlin discovered an easy 3 step plan that could actually kill bacterial vaginosis in just 3 days and keep it gone for good. This plan was a breakthrough that broke the cycle of endless doctor's visits and taking drugs that only brought about momentary relief. 

If you have a vaginal itching, fishy smell, or any other common symptom of bacterial vaginosis, I think my website can help point you in the right direction. The site is devoted to BV infections and I spent some time constructing it and getting it developed. Hopefully you can learn a bit more about your health malady, bacterial vaginosis, and get the right instructions to find a final solution. 

Vaginal itching, fishy smell, and other symptoms of BV can be treated. Try putting some aloe vera gel on any part of your vagina that is irritating you. You can open a capsule of vitamin E gel and place it on the irritated, itching skin of the vagina and hopefully get some relief. Additionally, you can even use cabbage leaves on a maxi pad to soothe the itching, irritated skin. 
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