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Main » 2011 » January » 12 » Necessary Tips For Perfect Golf Swing
11:00 AM
Necessary Tips For Perfect Golf Swing
This sport has gained more popularity than any other sport in a short period of time. A combination of perfect co-ordination between eyes and hands, a pinch of creativity and balance is a must for anyone who wants to play golf. The velocity and the levels of your physical strength will also have to be on the improvement track as time goes by. It is very important to play golf with more confidence and the players must understand that they are improving the golf swing every time they play. Having a positive approach and attitude to the game will help the golfers to improve golf swing very much. Below are the some useful golf swing tips to play the game confidently.

Good grip will serve you better in the long run. Slowly you will have to work on your grip if you want to hit the ball straight to the hole. There are different types of grips that can be used according to your convenience and comfort. The index finger of left hand and little finger of right hand should interlock in the grip. The left hand index finger interlocks with little finger of right hand and creates the power that need to make that enviable swing on the golf course.
Baseball grip is the next type in which the index finger of left hand and little finger of right hand will not overlap but will be contact. This overlapping grip the right hand little finger piles on the left hand index finger, is another type of grip. Stance tips teach you to maintain your equilibrium while playing. This stance tips states about staying relaxed over the ball, because tension would affect golf swing quality. The player must bend at the hips joint as soon as he is ready to confront the golf ball, knees should have a certain amount of curve showing flex in the knee muscle, while spine should be straight as a lamp. This is a simultaneous action, bending at the hip and arms hanging.

The important aspect in golf is the Backswing. The left arm should be straight during back swing for a right handed player so that he can go back maximum. Tempo depends on the slow mover or fast mover so try to do what is comfort. In down swing the head must stay behind the ball for that perfect swing. Avoid using right hand as the power that you want will generate from the strategy of making an angle between the wrists and the club in your hand. Holding the angle for a long time will generate more power. Rushing downswing will result inconsistency and poor shot so do not rush.

This is a tip which will talk about follow through. Before the final release of the club the player must bring his head up with the right shoulder and the chin should be over the same shoulder. This is the only way to complete the follow through head facing the target. 
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