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Main » 2010 » December » 22 » Aftermarket Auto Parts Make an Older Car Look Great Again
12:06 PM
Aftermarket Auto Parts Make an Older Car Look Great Again
Is your car starting to look old and faded inside? One of the first things to go in most vehicles is the dash, which is why dashboard covers are such a great idea. With just a few tweaks, like a dash cover and a side view replacement mirror or other aftermarket auto parts, your car can look years younger than it is.

With the economy in the dumps, most people don't want to buy a new car. That means there are a lot of older cars on the road and while this may be more economical, it's not exactly ideal. No one wants to ride in a vehicle that is looking old and dull. Since the dashboard is the part of the vehicle that is exposed most directly to heat and sun, it is also the first part to start showing the age of the car. 

The heat will usually cause the vinyl dash to crack which looks terrible. While the sun will fade the color, this is nothing in comparison to the cracking, which makes the car look ancient and uncared for. You can ward it off for a time with a window shade, but the nature of a car is such that it will be affected over time anyway. 

The best solution for this is to install a dash cap or cover. These aftermarket auto parts come designed for just about any make or model you can think of, so all you need to do is put it into your car. It will cover the existing dash, but look as though it is the original. You can adjust the color to suit the interior of your vehicle, as well, so it is completely compatible with any vehicle. This instantly makes your car look much newer than it is.

Dashboard covers aren't just about covering the top of the dash, they will cover the entire area around the glove box and radio, etc. The caps are attached with glue and are easily installed within an hour or less, so your car could look considerably newer within an hour or so. 

The side view mirrors are also prone to being knocked off or broken, since they stick out from the vehicle. This is far more common in models where the mirrors are not made to fold up against the vehicle, but it can happen to any model. Fortunately, it's not that expensive to purchase side view mirror aftermarket auto parts and they are relatively easy to install.

Whether you are fixing the dashboard or replacing the side view mirrors, the value of any car will go up at least a little when you make these types of improvements. If you are looking to sell your vehicle, this is a great way to make it worth more. Getting rid of the cracked dash will give potential buyers a better impression and they will be more likely to pay more for the vehicle. 

Even if you choose to keep the car around, you can enjoy it a lot more once it looks better. You'll feel more comfortable driving a car that looks as good as it handles. It's also quite affordable to do small repairs like this which can be done by anyone who is mechanically inclined and you can usually find the parts you need at an auto parts salvage yard too. This eliminates the need for a pricey garage trip just to install the dashboard.

With a quick trip to the auto parts salvage yard for dashboard covers and a side view replacement mirror or two, you can rapidly have an older vehicle looking great again. Whether to sell it or drive a little more, this can be a great way to increase the value of a car that has become a little worn around the edges.
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