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Main » 2011 » February » 22 » How to Use a Brake Proportioning Valve
6:41 AM
How to Use a Brake Proportioning Valve
I thought you could be curious about some info to help you gain a better understanding of a brake proportioning valve.

Brake systems in vehicles and vans work on the principal of hydraulic pressure. Hydraulic stress is the stress that results whenever you drive liquid through a channel, such as a pipe or tube.

How should the brake proportioning valve really function?

If you fit a disc brake proportioning valve, it limits how much brake stress is applied to the back wheels when applying the brakes moderately. This then helps cease the rear wheels from locking up. When the brake pedal is applied, the valve will moderate the strain, in keeping with how the brake is actually applied. 

How many types of valve are there?

There are two sorts of valve out there, the proportioning valve and the metering valve. The aim of the metering valve is to stop the forward discs operating till the rear brakes are beginning to work. Where as the proportioning valve will preserve the correct line pressures between the front and back brakes, giving you a more balanced brake system. Proportioning valves may also be known as a brake combination valve.

Which vehicles can be fitted with a brake proportioning valve?

A proportioning valve, can only be used with automobiles and vans which have front disc brakes and back drum brakes. The wilwood brake proportioning valve will work when applying a high amount of brake strain, this causes the valve to open up and allows full pressure to the back brakes. 

Checking the installation. 

You may set up a stress gauge as a part of your brake kits so you possibly can test the operation of the valve. Under average braking, the gauges should present a distinction in pressure with the outlet showing the lowest of the 2 readings. An adjustable brake proportioning valve generally is a good investment as it means that you can make any essential adjustments.

The driver of the automotive will be the one who decides how the valve will work. Whether or not it is high pressure braking or a lightweight touch of the brakes, the rear brake proportioning valve will receive input from the hydraulic stress created when brake fluid travels by the brake system.

There are various brake proportioning valve parts obtainable and you'll want to ensure the brake proportion valve is fitted accurately and that your brakes are working correctly before taking your car back on the road, it is best to by no means drive your vehicle if you have any brake problems. 
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